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Dynamic Stretching


Benefits of Pre-round dynamic stretching


One of the most common faults recreational and amateur golfers make is the lack of an appropriate pre-round stretching routine. You see it constantly at golf courses. Golfers get to the course, pick up a few clubs swing them around, hit a small bucket of balls, maybe touch their toes, do a few rotations, practice a few putts then go out to first tee far from primed to crush the ball. The lack of a proper warm-up is a recipe for loss of distance, control, and even worse…potential injury. All of the golfers we train become religious about their pre-round dynamic stretching routine after they hit the first tee feeling confident in their bodyʼs ability to perform from the start of their round rather than at the turn. 

The Golf swing is a highly dynamic movement encompassing many moving parts in multiple planes. The average golf swing takes less than 1.25 seconds to complete from takeaway to finish. Stretching pre-round is and should be much different than stretching post round. If one was to freeze a rubber band and stretch it, its elasticity would diminish and, when taken to the extreme of range demanded of the golf swing, would most likely snap. Muscles respond in the same way. When one stretches a cold muscle it can lose its ability to stretch and contract in an efficient manner and, in turn, negatively affects accuracy, control, distance, and power.


Static stretching refers to the typical type of stretching where a stretch position is held for 30-60 seconds. Although static stretching does not necessarily have a negative impact on oneʼs body, research has shown that static stretching pre activity can inhibit muscle activation and recruitment thereby negatively impacting oneʼs performance. Static stretching causes muscle fibers to elongate which in turn negatively affects their contractile and force generating capabilities. Remember, a golf swing takes no longer than 1.25 seconds to complete. Why would one spend 30+ seconds stretching a muscle only to decrease muscle response time and therefore do very little to prepare one for an explosive, dynamic motion such as the golf swing?

Dynamic stretching involves using sport specific movements with stretching to prepare your body for activity. These movements often mimic the positions and movement patterns that are involved in the golf swing. The speed and reach of each of these specific movements can increase through repetition and time. This will allow your musclesʼ core temperature to properly “warmup” thereby improving contractile forces (power) needed during one of the most dynamic movements in sports... the golf swing!


Five Reasons Why Dynamic Stretching Prepares You Better than Static Stretching:


 - Written by Josh Loyo